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  • Dimitar Dimitrov

    I work carved iconostasis and stylish furniture mainly

I took a first-hand look at graphic arts in 1979 in the University of Veliko Tarnovo and we’ve walked hand in hand along the way of creativity and craftsmanship for five years, sometimes following the beaten tracks, sometimes indulging author’s urge to lead us, but always looking ahead in the same direction.

Shortly after, already more experienced, I reached for iconography. I embraced it, accepted it as my own and here we are now - more than 15 years later, not only my work but my life itself is bound to it. My pieces of iconography are part of temples of the faith in the villages of Enchovtsi, Panitsovo and Boriki, the town of Obzor and many private chapels.

Paintings of mine have cozily fitted in private collections in Switzerland, Norway, Germany and many othersaround the world.

My frescoes in private homes and public buildings are another touch of the overall picture of my work.

Boryana Dimitrova

Graduating the Nikolay Pavlovich Academy with wood-carving specialty I said to myself: "this must have been the easier part and here comes the hard working." And I must have been right, but I have had no idea of how much satisfaction was about to come along.

I work mostly carved iconostasis and stylish furniture. My iconostasis could be seen in churches in the villages of Boriki, Panitsovo, in the town of Obzor and many private chapels.

The pieces of furniture made by me are mosly privatеly owned.

Dimitar Dimitrov

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